The Vulcan brake is our take at a high preforming muzzle brake. The focus points when making the brake was superior recoil reduction and maximizing the shooters and everyone around’s comfort

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The difference between the Vulcan brake and every other brake on the market is the seven adjustable ejection ports on top of the brake. These ports are in connection with the blast chamber that is made before the actual recoil reducing chambers. This is made to first counter the rise of the muzzle before the gas goes on to reduce recoil.

The adjustable ejection ports are designed to counter muzzle rise and therefore eliminate all or as much as possible of the muzzle rise, very commonly experienced when shooting with a brake.

This again helps the shooter better track the bullet trace and get off the next shot faster due to the scope still being in the near proximity of the engaged target.

Instead of having all the holes open at all times, we made it possible to adjust using set screws to allow the shooter to fine tune the recoil depending on what ammunition you shoot.

A lot of our focus also went into making the brake less disturbing to the shooter, making it easier to maintain focus during a competition/training. This is acheived by having the recoil reducing chambers face straight out which pressure from blowing back on the shooter and nearby people.

How it’s made:

The Vulcan brake is precision machined from 17-4 PH stainless steel and all threads are manually checked by our personnel to be within the specification required.

All sharp edges is deburred in the machine to achieve a clean and nice-to-handle product.

Material facts:

  • 17-4PH combines high strength and hardness with good corrosion resistance.
  • 17-4PH is commonly used in aerospace industry, petroleum industry, and chemical industry and more

Easy installation:

The Vulcan muzzle brake is made with the counter nut principle. Screw on and lock it with the counter nut, then your good to go!!

The brake has three nut locking screws which allows you to lock the nut in the desired position after the first alignment, this makes it easier for you to get a perfect alignment every time you detach and attach the brake.

The Brakes comes with a tightening pin made from hardened steel that are screwed into a M5 thread at the bottom of the brake to allow you to install the brake without the use of a wrench, which in return keeps the brake free of scratches.

Thread M18x1, 5/8-24
Caliber 6mm/.243, 6.5mm/.264, 7.62mm/.30
Finish Raw