AO/Vision Chassis – Night Vision Bridge


  • For Use with AO/Vision Chassis
  • 20 MOA rail
  • Designed in partnership with Accuracy Obsession and Vision & Design
  • Comes with or without pic rail
  • Fore-end chassis compatible with Accuracy International AW308, AT and AX models only
  • Distributed exclusively by GCP Rifle Co.
  • Includes Mounting Hardware
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The AO/V chassis is the first competition-oriented system for the Accuracy International (AI) short action rifle platform.  Designed in partnership with Accuracy Obsession in Wisconsin and Vision & Design in Norway, it perfectly combines the aesthetics of the “classic” AI rifle with modern features demanded by competitive shooters around the world.  It is machined out of 7075-Al with exacting tolerances in Norway and imported by GCP Rifle Co. where it is Cerakoted and shipped.

The forend features a continuous 16” flat bottom going all the way to the magwell for riding any Game Changer style bag on barricades and props, and a RRS-spec “arca” dovetail that allows mounting of many different brands’ bipod clamps.  The forend height is 1” closer to the barrel bore axis than a factory AT or AX rifle, which lowers the center of gravity when shooting off props and significantly improves stability, recoil impulse, and ability to follow trace to the target.  Standard AW magazines work with the chassis, and a flared magwell makes reloads fast and easy.

Inside the forend there are provisions to mount optional internal weights totaling 2 lbs to help tune the balance and reduce felt recoil.  8 M-Lok slots on each side and bottom provide ample space for accessories and optional external weights for further tuning the balance to each shooters’ preference.  The chassis will work with Vision & Design external weights, in addition to industry standards like MDT and Gray Ops external weights.

A full-length enclosed forend tube is available, as well as a shortened NV bridge.  Both are available with a 20 MOA picatinny rail for NV optics that is co-linear with the factory AI “tall” action rail.

The chassis is compatible with any AW308, AT, or AX short action from AI.  Barrels as short as 16.5” will work with the chassis with AT and AX actions that have the QuickLoc barrel feature (AW actions require the use of a vise for barrel changes and may need a slightly longer barrel to properly torque to the action).  It is ambidextrous, so it will work equally well with RH or LH actions.  This is not for R700/aftermarket actions, and is not compatible with any long action or magnum AI rifles such as AWM338, AXMC or AXSR.  Detailed installation instructions and videos are available, and assembly is as easy as de-bonding the factory action, cleaning and prepping the action and AO/V chassis, then bonding the two together with the included epoxy kit.  Users may decide to try the AO/V chassis without bonding, but it is recommended to bond them together for ultimate consistency and resistance to any barrel impact related zero shifts.

  • Here at GCP Rifle Co. we do our best to match the proprietary colors of Accuracy International, however variations in colors from AI make it extremely difficult to match each rifle. Although we are very close to matching these variations, slight shade differences can occur.
  • Custom Cerakote color pricing is available upon request.


Chassis- 1.94 lbs

Full length top cover- 9 oz

Full length pic rail- 5 oz

Night vision bridge- 3.5 oz

NV pic rail 1.7oz