Action Truing                                                                                                     $150

Re-barreling (Fit, Chamber, Cut, Crown and Thread)                      $425

Barrel Cut and Crown                                                                                     $100 (without thread protector)

Barrel Threading (suppressor/ break)                                                    $125 (without thread protector)

$150 (with seamless thread protector)

Barrel Threading for Break with Timing                                                 $125 (without thread protector)

Thread Protector                                                                                             $45

Badger Tactical Bolt Knob (thread bolt handle and supply knob)                $85

Glass Bedding                                                                                                   $250

Install Pillars, Glass Bed and Free Float                                                 $285

Drill and Tap for 8-40 Screws                                                                      $85

Lap Rings                                                                                                             $30

Mount Scope and Boresight                                                                       $45

Standard Gunsmithing Labor Prices:

$85 per hour

**Please call or stop by to inquire about anything not listed for a quote.**

These prices are a basic guideline. Prices may vary with unique circumstances.

We are a fully-equipped gunsmith/machine shop. If you require a service not listed here, please don’t hesitate to inquire. We are happy to do custom work.